All the downloads that are available for Orthanc, including official releases and precompiled plugins.

Remark: All the Windows binaries from this Web page (i.e. all the .exe and .dll files) are compiled for 32bit architecture. Consequently, the precompiled plugins (.dll) can only be used by a 32bit version of Orthanc. An installer for Windows 64bit, containing all the plugins, is available on this page courtesy of Osimis.


Name Date Size Downloads
   OrthancTransfers-1.2.dll 2022-07-12 0.7 MB 239
   OrthancTransfers-1.2.tar.gz 2022-07-12 0.11 MB 102
   OrthancTransfers-1.1.dll 2022-06-23 1 MB 75
   OrthancTransfers-1.1.tar.gz 2022-06-22 0.1 MB 52
   OrthancTransfers-1.0.dll 2019-03-04 0.68 MB 657
   OrthancTransfers-1.0.tar.gz 2019-03-04 0.08 MB 693
Version 1.2 (2022-07-12)

=> Minimum SDK version: 1.5.0 <=

* improved error reporting
* fixed transfer error occuring when the resources to transfer did not fit inside the
  plugin cache (512 MB by default).  The error generated high CPU usage on the sending side
  while compressing large files instead of a simple bucket and in NetworkProtocolError
  on the receiving side.

Version 1.1 (2022-06-22)

* Added "Resources" and "Originator" in the jobs "Content".  "Resources"
  is copied directly from the query that created the job.
* Support of dynamic linking against the system-wide Orthanc framework library

Version 1.0 (2019-03-04)

* Initial release


* Initial publication of the source code