All the downloads that are available for Orthanc, including official releases and precompiled plugins.

Remark: All the Windows binaries from this Web page (i.e. all the .exe and .dll files) are compiled for 32bit architecture. Consequently, the precompiled plugins (.dll) can only be used by a 32bit version of Orthanc. An installer for Windows 64bit, containing all the plugins, is available on this page courtesy of Osimis.


Name Date Size Downloads
   2015-02-25-OrthancWebViewer.dll 2015-02-25 6.81 MB 923

This folder contains development snapshots of Orthanc to allow the
early testing of new features before their official release. As a

(1) These snapshots are NOT fully validated. DO NOT USE THEM in
    production environments.

(2) No installer is provided. You fill only find the command-line
    version of Orthanc.

(3) The snapshots are compiled in DEBUG mode. This has a large impact
    on performance.

Official releases can be downloaded from the official homepage: