Orthanc Services

Commercial offers for Orthanc.


Orthanc is free and open-source software, and will always be. However, you might need commercial services on the top of Orthanc (support, custom development, integration, installation, maintenance, training, R&D...).

As of today, Orthanc is mainly developped by Orthanc-Team, Osimis and UCLouvain ICTEAM with the help of the community.

Orthanc Team provides dedicated support to help you deploy Orthanc or integrate Orthanc in your application. They also provide custom development to add new features to Orthanc, fix bugs, write plugins or scripts to automate Orthanc.

Osimis is the main industrial sponsor of Orthanc, and provides AI solutions based on Orthanc, reinventing the radiologist workspace with the power of AI.

Sébastien Jodogne, the author of the Orthanc project, is now full-time professor at the UCLouvain university. His lab notably works on maintaining and improving Orthanc, with a focus on research. Both public and industrial research teams are welcome to get in touch with Sébastien to discuss collaborations around scientific projects.

Other freelancers and companies are also offering proximity Orthanc support hopefully in your language/timezone.