Stone Web Viewer

The Stone Web viewer is a new generation of teleradiology solution written in C++ that takes advantage of the combination of WebAssembly, DICOMweb, and the Stone of Orthanc library.





This free and open-source plugin provides a cross-platform, zero-footprint Web viewer for medical images.

Contrarily to most teleradiology solutions, the Stone Web viewer is mostly written in C++ thanks to WebAssembly. Internally, this viewer is the first application to leverage the Stone of Orthanc library.

Contrarily to the Orthanc Web viewer and to the now-deprecated, it does not require server-side computations, as it uses the standard DICOMweb protocol to communicate with the PACS server.


The code of the Stone Web viewer plugin is licensed under the Affero General Public License (AGPL). Pay attention to the fact that this license is more restrictive than the license of the Orthanc core.

Precompiled binaries are both part of the Windows installers by Osimis, and of the Docker images of Orthanc.

Furthermore, if you use Stone Web viewer in a research work, please cite the following BibTeX entry:

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  title="Rendering Medical Images using {WebAssembly}",
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