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GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare, Global MR team, for internal development and testing.


University Hospital of Liège.


IBA Worldwide.


X-RIS, for industrial non-destructive testing and security.


Observatoire Régional des Urgences, PACA region, France.


OpenPATh: An initiative to foster open-source software in proton therapy.

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc.

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. uses Orthanc as DICOM back-end for the HeartVision product which is a planning and visualization tool for cardiac interventions.

McLean Hospital

McLean Hospital, the largest psychiatric facility of Harvard Medical School, as the primary research image storage.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare Ultrasound Service, for test purposes.

KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital

KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital (Malaysia), for angiography and echocardiography.

Hospital Selayang

Hospital Selayang, Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia, with many different usages.

VPI Reveal

VPI Reveal.


Karolinska Institutet & UCLA school of medicine, for neuroscience and neuroradiology research.

Candisa Systems, Inc.

Candisa Systems, Inc., for DICOM integration with their OB Ultrasound sharing platform


GaelO, clinical trial imaging management platform.


echOpen, to bring DICOM support to their open-source echo-stethoscope (ultrasound probe).


Naeka, for multiple e-Health projects to store CT scans for pneumo projects.


NVKF (Society for Medical Physics of the Netherlands), in their WAD-QC server for quality control.

IT Systems Hamburg

IT Systems Hamburg, to store and view pictures taken by ultrasound and X-ray devices.


IdeaTech is located in Tehran (Iran) and uses Orthanc to build a "Medical Bank" for hospitals and medical offices.


EthosMed, PACS and teleradiology solutions in Pakistan.


StatRad, for testing.


ThaiRIS, for testing and integration for medium hospital.


Dekco, state-of-the-art medical image management system.

3Dicom Viewer

3Dicom Viewer, as a local PACS for R&D and development purposes.


Comiere, to provide teleradiology services to imaging centers and hospitals across the USA.

Yayasan SIMRS Khanza Indonesia/SIMRS Khanza/SIMKES Khanza

SIMRS Khanza is hospital software, medical record software, electronic medical records which are 100% free, in use in more than 1500 hospitals in Indonesia. We use Orthanc for integration with various radiology tools in the hospital.

Open-source PET/CT Viewer

Beth Israel Plugin for Fiji, open-source PET/CT Viewer.

SA Imagerie Clairval (Marseille, France), for quality control of medical imaging devices (CT, gamma-camera...).

Kardiologische Praxis Dr. Kühr (Germany), to store echocardiography exams.

System Partners Limited (Nairobi, Kenya) have implemented Orthanc in various public hospitals in Kenya with awesome reception by HMIS users.



Best Project 2015, Agoria eHealth Award (Federation of the Belgian technology industry). 2015-06-04

Free Software Foundation

Award for the Advancement of Free Software to Sébastien Jodogne, Free Software Foundation. 2015-03-21

Prix Zénobe

Nominated at Zénobe Award 2013 for social innovation. 2013-11-28

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