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OrthancCon 2019 was the first edition of the international conference about Orthanc, and explored the field of free, libre and open-source software for medical imaging. The conference took place in December 2019 on the site of the University Hospital of Liège (Belgium), the place where Orthanc was born. The goal of this hopefully yearly event is to be the ideal place to meet the whole community of users and developers of Orthanc, as well as its commercial partner Osimis!

Besides medical imaging, the conference also promoted free, libre and open-source software for healthcare. To this end, OrthancCon 2019 was a joint organization with our friends from GNUHealthCon 2019, the annual conference that brings together enthusiasts and developers of GNU Health, the acclaimed health and hospital information system.

OrthancCon 2019 notably featured:

  • Talks from free software projects in healthcare and medical imaging.
  • Real-world deployments of Orthanc, and applications built using Orthanc.
  • Workshops and hands-on sessions about DICOM and medical imaging.
  • The presence of the developers of Orthanc and of its commercial partner Osimis.


Osimis       GNU Solidario       Digital Wallonia

GIGA - ULiège       University Hospital of Liège


Registration to OrthancCon 2019 was free of charge. We would however appreciate the industrial audience to buy professional services from Osimis in order to financially support the development of Orthanc according to a virtuous cycle.


OrthancCon took place in the GIGA tower (B34), on the beautiful site of the University Hospital of Liège, where the Orthanc project was created!

University Hospital of Liège

The hospital is located in the exceptional campus of the Sart-Tilman, roughly ten kilometers South of Liège city center, over several hundred hectares of lushy green space and forest. By choosing this great location at the interface between a university, a hospital and a science park, we wanted to stress the fact that social medicine is a highly interdisciplinary field.

Liège center offers a large choice of hotels for any budget. The hospital can be reached by public transportation, notably using the TEC bus lines 48 and 58 (about 30 minutes per trip). As an alternative location, if you don't mind missing the festive, fervent spirit of Liège, Boncelles city offers some hotels and is located closer to the hospital (about 1,5km of walk). Note that Belgian beers can be found both in Liège and in Boncelles!


Here is an overview of the structure of the conference:

  • Friday 13th, December: Plenary sessions dedicated to free software in healthcare, gathering the Orthanc and GNU Health communities:
    • Friday AM: Talks from various FLOSS projects in healthcare.
    • Friday PM: XII International Workshop on eHealth in Emerging Economies (IWEEE).
  • Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th, December: Two days to explore free software in medical imaging:
    • The state of the Orthanc ecosystem.
    • Talks from various third-party projects in medical imaging.
    • Real-world deployments and applications of Orthanc.
    • Technical workshops about DICOM using free software.
  • Saturday 14th evening: Joint social event courtesy of Osimis, featuring the yearly GNU Health Social Medicine awards ceremony.

The talks were all be in English. We also asked the attendance to carefully follow the GNU Health code of conduct.